ObjectVideo OnBoard

ObjectVideo OnBoard is the program which enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and solution providers to deploy the industry's leading intelligent analytics either as an embedded technology within devices or as a rapidly-deployable all-in-one software solution.

ObjectVideo OnBoard's clear benefits include faster implementation, lower power and cooling requirements with greater performance from fully optimized technology, and lowered cost of ownership.

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For OEMs who want to bring a fully embedded, optimally flexible device solution to market: ObjectVideo OnBoard for devices

  • Enables straightforward incorporation of market-leading intelligent video capabilities
  • Offers a variety of feature packages and pricing models, creating ultimate flexibility in developing product offerings that are specific to the OEM's chosen market
  • Enables easy up-sell through feature activation, not requiring firmware uploads
  • Utilizes minimal processing power - less than 3% of an Intel chip; less than 25% of a DSP - which enables differentiated solutions for next generation products
  • Allows creation of focused, vertical-market products
  • Creates new sales opportunities with existing customers
  • Makes video content analysis more affordable to mass markets
  • Delivers advanced intelligence on top of existing or under-utilized video platforms

For solution providers & OEMs who want to get analytics to market immediately: the OV6 Analytics Service

  • Provides robust analytics for safety, security and business intelligence
  • Scalable, turnkey solution which can reuse existing video surveillance infrastructure
  • Lowers implementation and lifecycle costs, which lowers the long-term cost of ownership
  • Serves as an alternative or an upgrade for existing server-based solutions
  • Enables simple upgrade path for new features, not requiring new software installs
  • Reduces hardware footprint and maintenance requirements because no backend, server-based component is required
  • For OEMs, accelerates time to market, serving as a interim solution while device integration of ObjectVideo OnBoard progresses
  • Reduces overall system complexity and maintenance

How to buy OV

Engage! Based on your industry, specific requirements, budget and existing infrastructure, we can help you benefit from intelligent video now.