Event Counting Suite:
Transforming video into business intelligence

The ObjectVideo Event Counting Suite is the most robust counting application available. The software offers a comprehensive set of functionality and flexible camera placements to address vital people and vehicle counting applications, including sought-after occupancy and dwell time detection features. Multi-camera and multi-rule functions allow users to aggregate enterprise data while web-based monitoring and reporting interfaces enable them to access their desired data output anywhere, anytime.

Real-time intelligence gathering through:

Event Counting Suite utilizes ObjectVideo's patented Video TripWire and other key event types for the purpose of accurately counting people or vehicles or both

Occupancy sensing continuously outputs the number of people present in any user-defined area and alerts when thresholds are exceeded

Dwell time monitoring outputs the length of time people remain in a user-defined area

Event Counting Suite is a powerful software for universal industry requirements:

  • Highly accurate entry/exit counting
  • Queue length monitoring
  • Wait times/transaction times
  • Traffic flow analysis
  • Promotion/display effectiveness
  • Crowding/people density at sales counters

By combining several high precision video analytic technologies into a single software package, Event Counting Suite delivers the full spectrum of business intelligence demanded by multiple vertical industries, especially retail, transportation, gaming, financial.

How to buy OV

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