Comprehensive capabilities

Details of the current set of innovative capabilities available within ObjectVideo:

Accurate object detection, classification and tracking

ObjectVideo's numerous patented algorithms enable our industry-leading software to intelligently discern objects of interest; distinguish between humans, vehicles and other objects; and continuously track positions for all moving and stationary targets within the video scene. ObjectVideo's ability to accurately separate multiple targets in a variety of scenes, even where target profiles overlap, is significantly improved in OV6.

Rule-specific intelligence

In addition to analyzing video for object detection, classification and tracking, ObjectVideo enables users to create rules and notifications appropriate for those rules. Users can create rules that mimic defined security policies and receive real-time, actionable alerts when those rules are violated. Also, users can define rules to gather business intelligence about customer behaviors or gather data for historical reporting and analysis. Available rule types include detection of objects crossing single or multiple Video TripWires™, loitering, entering or exiting areas of interest, left behind or taken away objects, occupancy and dwell time.

Flexible feature sets

ObjectVideo provides ultimate flexibility in its software packaging. Standard packages of robust feature sets are available to meet the demands of every type of customer – from the building manager who needs perimeter protection, to the bank manager who needs a solution tailored to his branch operation, to the airport security team who needs full capability indoor and outdoor. In addition, ObjectVideo can un-bundle features and offer custom packages, including point solutions for targeted functionality.

Easy function upgrade path

Because ObjectVideo's software features are controlled by activation keys, an easy upgrade path for any analytics-enabled device is assured. With activation keys, feature upgrades can be handled over the network without the need to upload new software or physically touch each device.

Event Counting Suite

Through an advanced set of algorithms, ObjectVideo offers the most superior people counting solution available in the market today. The Event Counting Suite is highly optimized for event-based and occupancy counting scenarios, and does not require direct overhead camera positions. The Suite also enables multi-rule and cross-camera counting scenarios, and provides a comprehensive set of web-enabled user interfaces to easily manage, monitor and report on counting data.


Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras are essential devices in almost any surveillance environment. ObjectVideo can add intelligence to any PTZ camera by allowing multiple camera views/positions to be defined, each with its own unique set of rules. The software will automatically recognize which view the camera is using and quickly engage the appropriate rule set.

ObjectVideo Forensics

ObjectVideo Forensics is a feature that allows users to discern critical intelligence about the environment based on past events. With this optional add-on, users can repeatedly apply rules to any repository of collected or stored video, and understand how to better define rules in the future.


ObjectVideo supports high-resolution video processing, allowing for better image detail and larger coverage areas (more than double in most cases.) As a result, ObjectVideo identifies, classifies, and tracks objects from much greater distances in high-resolution cameras.

Software development kits

The open architecture of the ObjectVideo system empowers OEMs and solution providers to quickly and easily integrate the technology within their products for a wholly differentiated solution. Available reference hardware designs and a robust API framework guarantees plug-and-play interoperability with any device or existing environment. The ObjectVideo SDK also includes functionality for re-branding existing interfaces, designing and building new GUIs or integrating with existing user applications.

Note: Availability of the capabilities above is subject to change and varies based on which specific product, package or functionality profile is deployed.