Web-based user interfaces:
where science becomes function

ObjectVideo provides the OEM and solution provider specific integration tools to enable fast go-to-market analytics solutions. These tools are pre-integrated into every licensed channel of ObjectVideo analytics software, and are supplied to every OV customer at no charge.

The Web-based user interfaces (UIs) that are supplied with every channel of ObjectVideo analytics provide a variety of options for the OEM or solution provider, especially for those who require a fast go-to-market product or a fully-specified solution to meet bid requirements.

  • The UIs are generically labeled, so are easily rebranded with the OEM or solution provider's logo or product identification
  • The UIs can be used within a platform solution by the total solution OEM as an intermediate step to introducing to market a more comprehensive offering. This enables the OEM to get their customers accustomed to working with analytics well before analytics-enabled product launch, with a subsequent upgrade/upsell opportunity when those products become available
  • The software OEM can offer an SDK integration to ObjectVideo analytics using our UIs as a way of incorporating OV quickly into a solution for bid or for general market consumption. This allows the software OEM the time needed to fully integrate OV functionality, using OV Ready, as a part of their own platform offerings.

New in OV6! ObjectVideo's web interfaces are improved dramatically with the inclusion of:

  • Snapshot-based calibration, which allows the user or installer to save up to 5 distinct views for more relevant results and better performance
  • Rollover view magnification for more precise calibration and rules viewing.

These and other improvements make installing, configuring, calibrating and using the software out-of-the-box easy.