ObjectVideo has developed intelligent capabilities specifically tailored to meet the needs of the transportation industry. From traffic density challenges to the protection of rail lines and passengers, analytics capabilities in this sector is a must.

Identifying bags on platforms that are left behind; distinguishing objects on the water regardless of water reflection and waves; finding the person who enters the wrong way in an airport; monitoring ticket counter queues and passenger flow in the terminal in effort to improve operational processes - all challenges unique to the transportation sector, both public and private.


Rail authorities responding to potential terrorist threats recognize that simply deploying more surveillance cameras does not increase security, especially if they do not have the personnel to monitor video feeds. The confined infrastructure of tunnels and underground passenger platforms, requires small form factor devices with low power consumption.

  • People loitering on platform
  • People leaving platform and entering track or tunnel
  • Platform crowding/people counting/turnstile monitoring
  • People entering or exiting tunnel portals
  • People or vehicles loitering at rail track crossings
  • Left object detection anywhere
  • Rail yard theft
  • Vandalism of/graffiti on rail cars


Intelligent video provides innovative and cost effective ways to utilize existing CCTV systems while still providing compliance for strict federal guidelines for monitoring interior and exterior security zones. ObjectVideo technology can provide enhanced monitoring and situation awareness for all the following areas of concern:

  • Airside perimeter intrusion detection
  • Runway incursion and intrusion
  • Left bag/object detection in terminals
  • AOA access monitoring
  • Tailgating detection into SIDA
  • Exit lane monitoring
  • Queue length monitoring and people counting
  • Protection of fuel farms
  • Off-site cargo handling area monitoring


Numerous port authorities have turned to intelligent video as a way to meet the requirements of the Maritime Transportation Security Act. Maritime applications present unique environmental challenges from tides, waves, water reflection, white caps and wakes, which software from ObjectVideo can successfully and consistently overcome.

  • Landside perimeter intrusion detection
  • Pier/dock activity monitoring
  • Vessel embarkation/disembarkation activity monitoring
  • Waterway monitoring for vessel speed, size; anchoring
  • Gate monitoring for vehicle size and/or pedestrian use
  • Swimmers in restricted waters
  • Detection of any left objects
  • Container area monitoring