Retail use case:
Applying the value of intelligence

Retailers use ObjectVideo to detect events for security, people counting, left or stolen objects and more. Intelligent video analytics, however, is just one layer within an overall retail video surveillance system. Integrate that video analytic output with in-store systems (especially PoS systems) and data streams and you create the next generation of intelligent enterprise solutions for loss prevention and operational efficiency.

Sample OV experience in Retail that leverages analytic integration for maximum value includes:

  • Retail point-of-sale applications to identify employee shrinkage by visually verifying customer presence during refunds, or verifying manager presence during certain transactions that require manager override
  • Product sales data to compare to human traffic patterns to calculate sales conversion rates
  • Access control systems to detect "tailgating" or other unauthorized entry into secure areas within a store, warehouse, office or vault
  • Video management and storage systems to enable alert-driven video delivery, storage and central monitoring