Education use case:
Applying the value of intelligence

School systems and educational campuses use ObjectVideo to identify suspicious loitering on school grounds or within the school, after-hours vandalism to athletic fields, removal of high-value lab equipment from classrooms and more. Intelligent video analytics, however, is just one layer within a school's video surveillance system. Integrate that video analytic output with various physical security systems and external data streams and you create the next generation of intelligent solutions for school safety and security.

Sample OV experience in Education that leverages analytic integration for maximum value includes:

  • Access control systems to detect "tailgating" or other unauthorized entry into secure areas within a school or controlled storage facility
  • Access gates to detect unauthorized vehicle access through manned and unmanned security gates for parking or restricted areas
  • Video management and storage systems to enable alert-driven video delivery, storage and central monitoring
  • Alert and video distribution to local or private law enforcement for advanced visual notification of potential security concerns