As a multi-billion dollar per year industry, gaming institutions present unique business and security challenges. In addition to providing protection for customers, assets and personnel, casino general managers seek to gain repeat business by providing outstanding customer service while optimizing available staff and technology resources.

ObjectVideo provides the following intelligent capabilities specifically tailored for gaming industry customers:

Physical security

In a gaming facility bustling with traffic and activity, it is impossible for a security team to detect all potentially suspicious activity. Employing intelligent analytics from ObjectVideo, security responders remotely receive real-time alerts and react quickly to help protect the safety of customers and personnel, while safeguarding valuable business assets.

  • Entry into secure areas or "tailgating" without valid system verification
  • People counting/occupancy of the casino vault (two-person rule enforcement)
  • After-hours human presence detection
  • Objects left behind or taken away
  • Cameras obscured or moved during a possible robbery
  • Vandalism
  • Vehicles loitering around the perimeter of the casino/hotel
  • Loading dock security

Gaming area surveillance

Throughout the casino environment, money changes hands constantly, which can lead to temptation. Gamers and even staff associates continue to explore new ways to "cheat the house." ObjectVideo provides intelligent video analytics to more effectively detect "cheats" and other kinds of rigged activities on the gaming floor, such as insertion of electronic devices into slot machines to "rig" the game.

  • Tampering with machinery
  • Potentially suspicious loitering in the gaming areas, ATMs or counting rooms
  • Access into secure areas by unauthorized personnel
  • Covert monitoring of the gaming floor, dealer areas, gaming salons and money exchanges

Business intelligence & customer service

The analytic capabilities of ObjectVideo can improve the efficiency of gaming operations, resulting in better customer satisfaction and higher revenue. Business data generated by ObjectVideo software can improve customer service as well measure the return on dollars spent on various promotion, merchandising and marketing activities.

  • People counting (in/out of retail stores, bars, restaurants and the casino floor)
  • Queue-length and wait-time monitoring for gaming and retail services
  • Traffic pattern analysis
  • Crowd density monitoring
  • Meeting room occupancy
  • Parking lot/garage occupancy
  • Dwell time indication (around specific gaming tables or areas of interest)
  • Occupancy/dwell time thresholds
  • Slip-and-fall liability mitigation