The list of challenges facing today's schools is constantly growing. Safety and security for students, faculty and staff are at the heart of those concerns.

By implementing intelligent video, security and safety policies can be translated into layers of perimeter protection to identify suspicious activity and real-life threats in order to minimize potential impact. Students and teachers deserve a safe environment conducive to learning and ObjectVideo helps to protect the safety of all concerned.

School grounds monitoring

ObjectVideo provides 24/7 video intelligence to monitor activity along roadways and walkways around the perimeter of school grounds, along fenced perimeters, and anywhere around the exterior of buildings.

  • Vehicles in bus lanes
  • Vehicles loitering on surrounding roads or in parking lots
  • People loitering on grounds or near the school's perimeter
  • Groups congregating
  • After hours access to school grounds
  • Speeding in parking lot
  • Climbing over fences
  • Vandalism of grounds, sports fields, etc.

Facility security and access

ObjectVideo provides easy rule creation to effectively monitor common entryways and/or uncommon access points indicating possible break-ins or other unauthorized access. Now there's no need to actually watch the doors.

  • Vandalism to facilities
  • Unauthorized entry through restricted areas
  • Delivery/loading area activity
  • Entrance through fire exits
  • People on roof
  • Tailgating (with access control system integration)
  • People approaching doors after hours
  • Camera tampering

In-school security

ObjectVideo enhances student and faculty safety by monitoring for suspicious behaviors in interior trouble areas, people entering/exiting secure doorways, or gaining access to restricted areas during off hours.

  • Fire evacuation monitoring
  • Vandalism
  • Stairwell monitoring
  • Theft of high-value items
  • After-hour/weekend entry
  • Unauthorized access to secure areas
  • Fire alarm monitoring
  • Camera tampering