Intelligent Building Automation

More than 20 years ago, occupancy sensors emerged as an effective technology to reduce energy waste in unoccupied spaces. Although these sensors had the potential to reduce energy use by 60% in certain spaces, they penetrated only 3% of the market due to their technical limitations (false triggering, time-outs, etc.)

Now, with energy prices on the rise and a strong push for restrictions on carbon emissions, building managers must focus on minimizing energy consumption in order to keep their business ventures competitive. As the recognized leader in intelligent analytics software, ObjectVideo leverages its significant expertise to offer building systems manufacturers a complete analytics package for a vision-based building automation solution that provides considerable cost savings to help the industry reduce harmful emissions.

Intelligent Building Automation from ObjectVideo is based on field-proven intelligent analytics technology embedded within a self-contained sensor device. Intelligent OV-enabled sensors use advanced technology to accurately detect and classify objects within a field of view to determine the presence/absence of humans to effectively monitor occupancy levels in key areas.

The output of the OV Intelligent Building Automation device is an accurate, real-time data stream which can be used to trigger lighting control systems, HVAC systems or simply to gather occupancy data for further analysis by a reporting application. The result is optimized energy consumption and space utilization for a cleaner environment and lower energy bills.