Customer Case Studies

Flowing through Airports

New technology from ObjectVideo is being used at Edmonton International Airport that is enabling the Airport Authority to more efficiently handle peak passenger arrival loads and more effectively staff security personnel.

Bethlehem City Safety

A wireless mesh network provides coverage and access to areas where there isn't always a police presence, providing an extra set of eyes to back up police when they are citing violations or conducting an investigation, and ObjectVideo intelligent analytics software is as a key ingredient for monitoring particularly sensitive areas.

School Security: Staying SAFE

The Miami-Dade system, embedded with ObjectVideo OnBoard, automatically detects potentially suspicious behavior and sends real-time alerts to security personnel, eliminating the need for constant human monitoring of video footage.

Securing the Olympics

Given a vast coverage area of 15 square miles, ObjectVideo was part of an implementation that included a real-time first response system for the Olympics sailing competitions. Even though the competitions are complete, the system remains in service today.

Public Housing Security

ObjectVideo and Avant Technologies developed an ObjectVideo OnBoard-based solution that is helping to protect the residents of the Vivienda Public Housing system in Puerto Rico.

More with Less: Port Security

The huge Port of Jacksonville, FL skipped the idea of centralized monitoring and instead pushes alerts directly to responders, saving time and money.

Securing Business Interests

ObjectVideo provided a major global petroleum provider with robust intelligence in the form of specialized filters to solve specific environmental issues to help prevent costly incidents.

Keeping Track: Rail Security

ObjectVideo and its implementation partner enabled Spain's high-speed rail network to optimize existing surveillance cameras for enhanced safety and security.

Petroleum & Chemical Security

A global chemicals company secured their facility using ObjectVideo software, reducing terrorists threats and environmental damage.

Hardening U.S. Borders

In a large implementation dating from 2003, U.S. Customs and Border Protection uses ObjectVideo to this day to dramatically improve security on one of longest contiguous borders in world.

Iraq: Force Protection

The Marine Corps utilized ObjectVideo software in a key role in several operational theaters in Iraq, in one they created a perimeter around forward-operating bases around Fallujah.