ObjectVideo Research & Development actively keeps apace with the most recent developments related to geo-location, including the continual generation of geo-registration data from GPS transponders, automatic target hand-off from one asset to another, 3D reconstruction, and query/retrieval. 

ObjectVideo in Action


Maritime Target Tracking

In the following example, a map-based interface monitors maritime objects and displays tracking, geolocation, and velocity data for selected objects. The user may also place rules and view triggered alerts.

Map View and Augmented Reality

In this example mobile application, objects and events are identified in a map view and correlated with an augmented view of the mobile device's camera view.


Duplicate Ship Identification

This example shows how media depicting a maritime object is checked against a ship database (within the context of GIS registration data) to identify duplicate vessels.


For airborne vehicles monitoring an area, the geospatial data of objects in that area is frequently imprecise. OV has developed a variety of approaches to mitigate this imprecision, allowing real-time overlay of GIS data (LIDAR, road networks, compass, etc.).